My name is Elena Ermakova. I am an independent travel photographer. 
Travel photography is my passion. I love to discover new places: their colors, lines, flavors, smells, sounds, architecture and cultural traditions, and love to share them through my lens.
My photos were chosen by such popular publishers as Lonely Planet, National Geographic Traveller UK, Dorling Kindersley, World Traveler (UAE), Mabuhay (Philippines), Ritz-Carlton, UNESCO Publishing, and others.
Contests and honorable mentions
My photo was one of the top submissions for the cover of National Geographic Traveler December 2015/January 2016 issue selected by National Geographic editors, I was chosen as Instagram of the month on National Geographic Traveler in 2015, my photo was listed for the 20 best travel photos of 2013 on National Geographic Your Shot
I was one of the finalists and exhibition participants of the Planet Moscow 2015 competition in Moscow, Russia.
The article on Shutterstock blog6 Photographers Share Their Secrets for Successful Street Shots with my interview.
Internet media
My photos were used in a large number of popular internet media such as National Geographic, Lonely Planet, The Guardian, The Telegraph, TIME, Gismeteo (RUS), RIA Novosti (RUS) and others.
Social media
My works were featured in @natgeo, @natgeoru, @lonelyplanet, @bbc_travel, @tripadvisor, @huffpostlifestyle, @theworldpost and other popular Instagram communities.
My profile on Instagram: @ermakova_photography
If you are interested in licensing my photos check this page. For direct contact, please use this form.
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